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Secrets To Avoid Dialysis

Eating A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Diet-Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat: Secrets To Avoid Dialysis (Renal Diet HQ IQ-Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 1)

secrets to avoid dialysis

As I searched for renal diabetic books to review I came across this first book in a series by Mathea Ford RD/LD!

I read this book as it relates to the sub title of Secrets to Avoid Dialysis. It appeared from the outset that this author was very qualified to right about and educate on pre-dialysis kidney disease and renal diabetes.  This book really drills down on four different areas of renal predialysis intake and I can see why she writes on secrets to avoid dialysis.

After a brief overview of kidney predialysis disease, Mathea gets into the keys to a predialysis kidney diet and what components should be considered important.  I really liked the section on reading nutrition labels as not very many people really understand that the serving size varies thus the amounts that you take in.  As she continues to write about secrets to avoid dialysis, I found the section on calorie intake very important.  As there are kidney disease patients who need to loose weight and there are others who are trying to gain weight and this chapter deals with those two persons.

Secrets to Avoid Dialysis

As she gets into the macro nutrients of carbs, proteins and fat, I found that some of her findings and statements are really secrets to avoid dialysis.  Each of these chapters has great points that not only kidney patients should know but we all should know and pay attention to.

The chapter on fluids and fluid intake is one of the most ignored when persons learn they need a predialysis kidney diet and find they need a secret to avoid dialysis.

If you should have both kidney disease and diabetes, the final chapter is going to be of interest to you as the author discusses how these macro nutrients affects the combination of both conditions.

As you search for secrets to avoid dialysis, I think you should consider this book by Mathea Ford and consider following the series Renal Diet HQ IQ-Predialysis Living as she tells me there will be a total of 12 in this series  once completed.  A link to her book on Amazon is here.