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Kidney Disease Common Labs and Medical Terminology

Kidney Disease Common LabsKidney Disease Common Labs and Medical Terminology

A short read by Mathea Ford RD/LD, thank goodness the price on this particular book is not to much as this book is only 30 some odd pages, but well worth every penny I spent on it.  Kidney disease can be very confusing and the kidney disease common labs are very important to a patient’s understanding of the chronic disease they are battling.

As I worked my way through “Kidney Disease Common Labs and Medical Terminology”, I realized that this chronic illness can be very difficult to understand if the patient or care giver do not understand what the physician is telling them.  Each stage of kidney disease comes with challenges and laboratory numbers and additional terminology.

My best word of advice is to read this book by Mathea on kidney disease common labs and get an understanding of the medical terminology before going to your first nephrology appointment.  Be overwhelmed by kidney disease common labs terms can and will knock you off you feet if you let it.  GET THIS BOOK!