Eating Out On a Kidney Diet

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet: Pre-dialysis and Diabetes: Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite Foods (Renal Diet HQ IQ Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 3)

This will be my third some odd review of a book by Mathea Ford.  As I made my way through this title I noticed Mathea’s writing style continuing to improve as she becomes more comfortable with her new platform as a published author.  Her expertise shines through in this new title “Eating Out On a Kidney Diet“.  If I was searching for restaurant information as a kidney disease and diabetes patiet I would certainly turn to this author for reliable information.

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet

The most important section in this book to me is the concentration on eating out at resaurants and the great information Mathea provides for renal diet patients on ordering and menu reading.  Since restaurants are not required to give out potassium and phosphorus information on exact recipes, Mathea takes like recipes and items and gives you the approximate information that you would need to know to eat at several popular restaurants.

As diabetes patients struggle with kidney disease too, Mathea helps you navigate the waters of eating out with both of these conditions by providing the essentials to sodium, potassium, phosphorus and diabetic exchanges.

If you are searching for great eating out information on kidney disease, this is probably the read for you.

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet




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