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Renal Failure Meal Planning

Renal Failure Meal Planning

Renal Failure Meal PlanningMost people make renal failure meal planning much more difficult than it needs to be. It’s true; there are restrictions to your diet that may make meal planning a little more challenging. However, these restrictions also make it a little more adventurous. It gives you license to try new things. You may discover new favorite dishes that you can prepare extras to freeze and reheat on days when you just don’t feel like cooking, run out of time to prepare an extravagant meal, or have unexpected guests for dinner. These renal failure meal planning ideas will help you stay on top of your game and your diet even when the going gets a little rough.

Try Something New

There are a ton of recipe books, websites, and pages devoted to assisting with renal failure meal planning. They include recipes of popular comfort food makeovers just right for renal failure dietary needs. There are also great deserts, casseroles, and other dishes you can try — even popular holiday dishes. Save a little room in your renal failure meal planning to try at least one new recipe each week and see how it goes.

Plan Ahead to Prepare Ahead

Freezer cooking was all the rage back in the eighties and nineties. It’s making a bit of a comeback in the 2010’s with people looking for new ways to cut costs, have family meals around an actual table, and make life easier. The concept is that you prepare two dishes for everyone making one for now and freezing the other for later. When you find good dishes that are renal diet friendly, you need to make the most of your time in the kitchen. This is a great way to do just that.

Pull Double Duty

Part of renal failure meal planning is preparing the grocery list. If you create your grocery list at the same time as you plan your menu for the week you are less likely to leave important things off your list and less likely to stray from your list in the story. Straying from your list can lead to purchasing items that are not renal diet friendly at all. Instead, make both lists at the same time and know what you need the minute you walk in the doors of your local supermarket.

Don’t Forget a Few Convenience Foods

There are a few food items that are renal failure friendly that are also convenient for snacks and light meals. Make sure you stock up on a few of these just to have around the house. These are important parts of renal failure meal planning that will help satisfy unexpected cravings, provide fast access to favorite foods when you don’t feel like preparing an entire meal, and can even provide a quick pick-me-up for your guests.

Don’t get sidetracked in your renal failure meal planning efforts. It’s important to take the time to plan a menu that’s packed with good foods for your dietary needs without missing out on the comfort foods that make you feel happy and warm inside.

If you want to find a trusted source for meal planning and diet information you might try this blog listed below

Renal Diet Blog of A Renal Dietitian, Follow This Link

Mathea Ford is also a great author and has some great books, see here!

Dialysis: Treatment Options for the Progression To End Stage Renal Disease

End Stage Renal DiseaseDialysis: Treatment Options for the Progression To End Stage Renal Disease

Wow, the options are much more than I expected for end stage renal disease!  This 50 page book by Mathea Ford, gives great insight into the treatment options for ESRD and how diet and nutrition relate to the onset of dialysis and kidney failure.

As I read this book, I came to realize that end stage renal disease was not something to mess with and that many patients go into kidney failure without any knowledge of treatment options available to them.  Each patient may have circumstances that lead to one treatment over the other or their health insurance may dictate the care they can receive.  We shall see if the Affordable Care Act has any changes for dialysis, who knows?

End stage renal disease can be treated with dialysis but it comes in many forms and transplant of a kidney is also an option for end stage renal disease.

Read this book by Mathea to get a better understanding of end stage renal disease and the treatment options.

Kidney Disease Common Labs and Medical Terminology

Kidney Disease Common LabsKidney Disease Common Labs and Medical Terminology

A short read by Mathea Ford RD/LD, thank goodness the price on this particular book is not to much as this book is only 30 some odd pages, but well worth every penny I spent on it.  Kidney disease can be very confusing and the kidney disease common labs are very important to a patient’s understanding of the chronic disease they are battling.

As I worked my way through “Kidney Disease Common Labs and Medical Terminology”, I realized that this chronic illness can be very difficult to understand if the patient or care giver do not understand what the physician is telling them.  Each stage of kidney disease comes with challenges and laboratory numbers and additional terminology.

My best word of advice is to read this book by Mathea on kidney disease common labs and get an understanding of the medical terminology before going to your first nephrology appointment.  Be overwhelmed by kidney disease common labs terms can and will knock you off you feet if you let it.  GET THIS BOOK!

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet: Pre-dialysis and Diabetes: Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite Foods (Renal Diet HQ IQ Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 3)

This will be my third some odd review of a book by Mathea Ford.  As I made my way through this title I noticed Mathea’s writing style continuing to improve as she becomes more comfortable with her new platform as a published author.  Her expertise shines through in this new title “Eating Out On a Kidney Diet“.  If I was searching for restaurant information as a kidney disease and diabetes patiet I would certainly turn to this author for reliable information.

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet

The most important section in this book to me is the concentration on eating out at resaurants and the great information Mathea provides for renal diet patients on ordering and menu reading.  Since restaurants are not required to give out potassium and phosphorus information on exact recipes, Mathea takes like recipes and items and gives you the approximate information that you would need to know to eat at several popular restaurants.

As diabetes patients struggle with kidney disease too, Mathea helps you navigate the waters of eating out with both of these conditions by providing the essentials to sodium, potassium, phosphorus and diabetic exchanges.

If you are searching for great eating out information on kidney disease, this is probably the read for you.

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet




Kidney Disease Solution

Eating A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Diet – Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Fluids: A Kidney Disease Solution (Renal Diet HQ IQ Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 2)

kidney disease solution

My review of the second book in the series by Mathea Ford, A Kidney Disease Solution.  This particular volume is a little bit shorter page wise but is just as good on the ability of the author to present the best information on kidney disease diets you can ever imagine.  Now, I am no doctor but what I look for is ease of reading and practical information that I can apply to busy daily lifestyle with predialysis kidney disease.

A Kidney Disease Solution

The best of the books so far and only because these four topics are very important to all pre dialysis kidney disease and renal diabetic sufferers.  A kidney disease solution has in it included information on sodium, potassium, phosphorus and fluids.  These are all very important to me and kidney disease diets.

A Kidney Disease Solution by Mathea Ford RD/LD-Sodium

One of the most important items with sodium and kidney disease is the need to reduce blood pressure due to high sodium.  I like this read because Mathea give great tips on reducing sodium in your diet and offers a recipe for salt free bread.

A Kidney Disease Solution by Mathea Ford RD/LD-Potassium

One of the best ways to reduce potassium is to leach the potassium out of your vegetables.  The author does a great job of explaining the best practices in leaching.  Also, basic reasons for reducing potassium and the best thing I found in this book is a link to download a full list of high and low potassium foods, what a great resource!  And a bonus I was not expecting and the download was very easy to perform.

 A Kidney Disease Solution by Mathea Ford RD/LD-Phosphorus

A phosphorus list is also included in the downloaded list along with the potassium.  I really think Mathea is at the forefront of pre-dialysis information on dieting.  She is really about moderation, management and control.  She does not always say that everyone should eliminate everything because everyone is different.  I really have come to believe her on this.

A great chapter on white and wheat bread is an added section that I will definitely use the information for.

I believe that this series of books would be great for anyone who needs to read and educate themselves on a kidney disease solution.

Secrets To Avoid Dialysis

Eating A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Diet-Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat: Secrets To Avoid Dialysis (Renal Diet HQ IQ-Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 1)

secrets to avoid dialysis

As I searched for renal diabetic books to review I came across this first book in a series by Mathea Ford RD/LD!

I read this book as it relates to the sub title of Secrets to Avoid Dialysis. It appeared from the outset that this author was very qualified to right about and educate on pre-dialysis kidney disease and renal diabetes.  This book really drills down on four different areas of renal predialysis intake and I can see why she writes on secrets to avoid dialysis.

After a brief overview of kidney predialysis disease, Mathea gets into the keys to a predialysis kidney diet and what components should be considered important.  I really liked the section on reading nutrition labels as not very many people really understand that the serving size varies thus the amounts that you take in.  As she continues to write about secrets to avoid dialysis, I found the section on calorie intake very important.  As there are kidney disease patients who need to loose weight and there are others who are trying to gain weight and this chapter deals with those two persons.

Secrets to Avoid Dialysis

As she gets into the macro nutrients of carbs, proteins and fat, I found that some of her findings and statements are really secrets to avoid dialysis.  Each of these chapters has great points that not only kidney patients should know but we all should know and pay attention to.

The chapter on fluids and fluid intake is one of the most ignored when persons learn they need a predialysis kidney diet and find they need a secret to avoid dialysis.

If you should have both kidney disease and diabetes, the final chapter is going to be of interest to you as the author discusses how these macro nutrients affects the combination of both conditions.

As you search for secrets to avoid dialysis, I think you should consider this book by Mathea Ford and consider following the series Renal Diet HQ IQ-Predialysis Living as she tells me there will be a total of 12 in this series  once completed.  A link to her book on Amazon is here.

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan – Build A Meal Pattern For Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disease

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan – Build A Meal Pattern For Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disease is authored by Mathea Ford RD/LD.

This book allows you the ability to download an excel worksheet from Mathea’s website and use it to calculate your own predialysis meal plan based on the foods you like and the limitations you have been given by your doctor.  The book has extensive information on predialysis diets and foods but does not include recipes but it does not claim to have recipes.  Mathea did author a recipe book but we will get to that in a later review.

B009PSN3R0A short review of kidney disease is included along with information on high blood pressure and how is affects kidney functions.  Also included is education on reading nutrition labels, reducing sodium in your diet and also ways to reduce protein intake.  I also found that the sections of the book on potassium and phosphorus were very helpful to me in planning my grocery list each week and also in educating me on the ways these items affect kidney function.  The potassium section does have a discussion on leaching of veggies, which I liked as well.

At the end of the book there is a bit of information on heart disease and reducing fat intakes in your diet.  We all sure could use that!  I found that eating out with renal failure was a challenge and found that the chapter on eating out with renal disease was a great starter for me and my family.

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan:

You can tell, is a top seller and is a great resource for any pre-dialysis renal disease sufferer.  The price tag is in the $20 range and I have found this is comparable for all the books in the kidney disease category whether it be general information, cures or diet and nutrition.

What we all need to remember is that kidney disease is a serious complication and that taking advice from someone on the internet in another country can be dangerous.  This author is in the United States and is a Registered Dietitian.  In addition, from all I can find she is very well qualified and has complete meal planning services on her website, which is mentioned in the book.

Shown here are both the Kindle Version and the Print Version both available on the Amazon website.

My recommendation would be to try this book out and give the spreadsheet and the calculations a shot, follow it for a few months and see how your numbers improve and see if you feel better.  If you do then you know this book and plan are for you.  Tell your doctor all that you are doing and tell him or her if this book has lead you in the right direction.

The Kidney Friendly Diet Cookbook: Recipes For A PreDialysis Kidney Disease Lifestyle

The Kidney Friendly Diet Cookbook: Recipes For A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Disease Lifestyle

Welcome, to my first review of a cookbook for renal diets.   This particular cookbook is specifically targeted at predialysis kidney disease patients and should be followed accordingly.  The book is easy to read and is color coded by type of food.  The large print format is very readable for eyes that are not so good. The author does provide some color photos of the foods but not every recipes has a photo, I do not find that to be a very big deal, at least for me.


 Qualified For Renal Diets

The one thing that I can say after all my research is the the author appears to be very qualified and has a website on renal diets.  As a registered dietitian, she seems to have experience with renal disease patients and also diabetes patients and many times these two conditions run together.

Now, let’s get to the recipes.  As I have prepared several of the recipes they are very easy to understand and prepare. I do like that all the nutritionals are available for every recipe and that this allows each particular user the option to pick and choose the recipes that are right for them.  Potassium and phosphorus are clearly stated as well as all the other essential nutritionals as per the normal guidelines for renal diets.

I find that cookbooks in this category a bit higher priced than certain other categories but the information is much more detailed and well worth the price.  Many predialysis patients would spend many tireless hours searching for this many recipes so, I say it is well worth the money.

Please find the cookbook for renal diets here if you wish to give it a try, I think you will like it.