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Planning For The Heart Foundation Diet

Planning For The Heart Foundation Diet- Steps necessary in changing your diet

The Heart Foundation DietA heart friendly diet is one that consist foods that are low in cholesterol, fat and salt. Such a diet will be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy foods and whole grains. Others are low fat protein sources such as beans and numerous types of fish. You also need to reduce the amount of fat in your diet and eliminate trans-fats and saturated fats because they increase the risk of heart ailments.

You need to increase your intake of polyunsaturated fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids because they greatly reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, lowering blood pressure as well as regulating your heart beat. The best sources of omega-3 are fishes such as mackerel and salmon as well as soybean oil, walnut oil, canola oil and flaxseed oil. A small amount of wine can be beneficial to your heart but taking alcohol in general injures heart health.

Planning for the heart foundation diet- Few steps to consider

While you may already know that there are foods that put your heart at risk, in many cases the problem comes with how to actually change your dietary habits. There is therefore a need to have a strategy that will assist you to cut down the unhealthy food and increase the consumption of healthy foods.

If you are planning for the heart foundation diet, here are few steps that you should consider

Control the portion size-The Heart Foundation Diet

People normally consume more calories than they require by overloading their plates, taking second helpings or just eating until the stomach feels tight. You can improve your heart health by making sure that you eat the correct number of servings per day as well as regulating your food portions. You can improve things by trying to eat bigger portion of low calorie but high nutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables and reducing sodium packed processed and refined foods.

Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits-The Heart Foundation Diet

Fruits and vegetables are among the richest sources of vitamins and minerals; they are also high in dietary fiber and low in calories. Fruits and vegetables are also beneficial because they contain some important components that are extremely beneficial to your heart health. People who eat more fruits and vegetables end up eating less of high fat foods that are detrimental to heart health.

Always choose whole grains-The Heart Foundation Diet

You need plenty of whole grains in your diet because apart from the high amount of fiber that they provide, they also contribute by regulating blood pressure thereby improving heart health. This can be achieved easily by you making sure that you replace and substituting whole grains with refined products. Sometimes it also pays to be adventurous and trying out new types of grains that you may have never tried before.

Reduce unhealthy fat intake and cholesterol-The Heart Foundation Diet

It is important to limit the amount of saturated fats and trans-fats that you allow into your body through your diet. This is actually one of the most important steps in reducing the amount of cholesterol in your blood and thereby reducing your risk of getting coronary heart diseases. High levels of blood cholesterol hasten the build-up of plaque in your arteries, leading to a condition known as atherosclerosis which definitely makes you a candidate for a heart attack.

It is also important for you to choose low fat substitutes that are good for your heart. This may include choosing yogurt or salsa as topping instead of butter for topping or a low sugar fruit spread in the place of margarine or butter on your bread.

Choose monounsaturated fats that include canola oil or olive oil. You can also go for natural oils such as those that are found in seeds and nuts because they promote heart health. You will want to avoid fats such as lard, butter, gravy, bacon fat, shortening, cream sauce, coconut oils, and nondairy creamers and hydrogenated margarine.

Select low fat proteins-The Heart Foundation Diet

When choosing proteins always go for fish, poultry, lean meats, low fat milk products, egg substitutes and egg whites; don’t forget to go for skim milk instead of whole milk as well. Fish will do very well as an alternative to meat that is normally very high in fats. You may want to go for some fish types such as those that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids including herring, mackerel and salmon.

Reduce sodium intake-The Heart Foundation Diet

One of the greatest contributors to high blood pressure is a high intake of sodium, which is a risk factor in the development of heart diseases. It is therefore important that you deliberately reduce the amount of sodium that you take in your diet. While most people are very careful to reduce the amount of sodium they use while cooking, the greatest culprit is processed and refined foods such as frozen dinners, soups and snacks.

The Heart Foundation Diet

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Renal Diet Patient Handout

Renal Diet Patient Handout

At Renal Failure Diet Reviews we get plenty of calls for renal diet patient handout, so I decided to bring a few of the most popular renal diet patient handout to you and your patients for use on an everyday basis.  You may use these and reproduce these for you patients and your health fairs as needed.  Each one of these has an area for your clinic to place their own personalization with a stamp.

Renal diet patient handout

Each renal diet patient handout speaks to a different topic, some pre-dialysis and some dialysis.  We shall continuously add education to this page as to provide you with a renal diet patient handout list that extensive enough that you can continuously educate your patients

A Great Buy For Any Of Your Patients!

renal diet patient handout

PortionMate, A Great Way For Your Patents To Control Calories!







With any type of education it is best to start out simple, these renal diet patient handout guides will be simple enough not to scare the patients off from initial education fears.  While we all have phobias about learning the most important key to patient education is the patient not being embarrassed about what they know

Renal diet patient handout

Use these renal diet patient handout tools as you see fit and I hope that you will find them complementary to your business and your patients health.

Click on any of the PDF links below!

Blueberry Renal Diet Handout

Sandwiches Renal Diet Handout

Rice Renal Diet Handout

Halloween Renal Diet Handout

Holiday Eating Renal Diet Handout

Mindful Eating For Kidney Disease

Hemodialysis Right For Me

Cholesterol Guidelines and Kidney Disease

Stress Reduction and Kidney Disease

renal diet patient handout

Kidney Disease Solution

Eating A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Diet – Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Fluids: A Kidney Disease Solution (Renal Diet HQ IQ Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 2)

kidney disease solution

My review of the second book in the series by Mathea Ford, A Kidney Disease Solution.  This particular volume is a little bit shorter page wise but is just as good on the ability of the author to present the best information on kidney disease diets you can ever imagine.  Now, I am no doctor but what I look for is ease of reading and practical information that I can apply to busy daily lifestyle with predialysis kidney disease.

A Kidney Disease Solution

The best of the books so far and only because these four topics are very important to all pre dialysis kidney disease and renal diabetic sufferers.  A kidney disease solution has in it included information on sodium, potassium, phosphorus and fluids.  These are all very important to me and kidney disease diets.

A Kidney Disease Solution by Mathea Ford RD/LD-Sodium

One of the most important items with sodium and kidney disease is the need to reduce blood pressure due to high sodium.  I like this read because Mathea give great tips on reducing sodium in your diet and offers a recipe for salt free bread.

A Kidney Disease Solution by Mathea Ford RD/LD-Potassium

One of the best ways to reduce potassium is to leach the potassium out of your vegetables.  The author does a great job of explaining the best practices in leaching.  Also, basic reasons for reducing potassium and the best thing I found in this book is a link to download a full list of high and low potassium foods, what a great resource!  And a bonus I was not expecting and the download was very easy to perform.

 A Kidney Disease Solution by Mathea Ford RD/LD-Phosphorus

A phosphorus list is also included in the downloaded list along with the potassium.  I really think Mathea is at the forefront of pre-dialysis information on dieting.  She is really about moderation, management and control.  She does not always say that everyone should eliminate everything because everyone is different.  I really have come to believe her on this.

A great chapter on white and wheat bread is an added section that I will definitely use the information for.

I believe that this series of books would be great for anyone who needs to read and educate themselves on a kidney disease solution.

Secrets To Avoid Dialysis

Eating A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Diet-Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat: Secrets To Avoid Dialysis (Renal Diet HQ IQ-Pre Dialysis Living) (Volume 1)

secrets to avoid dialysis

As I searched for renal diabetic books to review I came across this first book in a series by Mathea Ford RD/LD!

I read this book as it relates to the sub title of Secrets to Avoid Dialysis. It appeared from the outset that this author was very qualified to right about and educate on pre-dialysis kidney disease and renal diabetes.  This book really drills down on four different areas of renal predialysis intake and I can see why she writes on secrets to avoid dialysis.

After a brief overview of kidney predialysis disease, Mathea gets into the keys to a predialysis kidney diet and what components should be considered important.  I really liked the section on reading nutrition labels as not very many people really understand that the serving size varies thus the amounts that you take in.  As she continues to write about secrets to avoid dialysis, I found the section on calorie intake very important.  As there are kidney disease patients who need to loose weight and there are others who are trying to gain weight and this chapter deals with those two persons.

Secrets to Avoid Dialysis

As she gets into the macro nutrients of carbs, proteins and fat, I found that some of her findings and statements are really secrets to avoid dialysis.  Each of these chapters has great points that not only kidney patients should know but we all should know and pay attention to.

The chapter on fluids and fluid intake is one of the most ignored when persons learn they need a predialysis kidney diet and find they need a secret to avoid dialysis.

If you should have both kidney disease and diabetes, the final chapter is going to be of interest to you as the author discusses how these macro nutrients affects the combination of both conditions.

As you search for secrets to avoid dialysis, I think you should consider this book by Mathea Ford and consider following the series Renal Diet HQ IQ-Predialysis Living as she tells me there will be a total of 12 in this series  once completed.  A link to her book on Amazon is here.

Review of Renal Diabetic Diet Meal Plan

Review of Renal Diabetic Diet Meal Planner

Renal_Diabetic_Meal_Plans_Menus_MoreIn searching for my latest review of a renal diet solution, I located the site of Renal Diet HQ and noticed that they offered a renal diabetic diet meal plan as a membership option.  So, in looking at a product to review I thought it would be nice to take an in-depth look at one of the only renal diabetic diet meal plans on the market to see what it offered and see if it stacks up to what I think any meal plan solution should.

First, let’s discuss what I  think any good meal planning or diet solution should offer.  At a minimum it should offer an overall plan that is priced based on the options and benefits is offers and it should be offered with some customer support if you should run into a problem with the download or receiving the information that you ordered.

Now, let’s discuss what this renal diabetic meal plan from Renal Diet HQ offers in its sales pitch.  This plan says that it is curated by a registered dietitian in the USA with experience in renal and diabetic patients.  This is a good start. It also says that it has the following with the plan: Meal patterns for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a snack list and recipes and grocery lists for dinner meals with every day being a new one.  Wow, that is a lot of information and a lot of new recipes over the course of a month or year.  The price for this monthly membership service is about $20 per month.  So, I wanted to try this out for myself to see what the download looked like and if the plan has all that.  I filled out the registration form and submitted my payment and I surprised to find all the files as promised and a few others like a renal diet potassium list and a phosphorus list as well.  These were nice added touches to the monthly plan.  On the first week I received two weeks of plans and each following week I received the dinner meals and grocery lists for that said week.  Each recipe has all the nutritionals needed for a renal diabetic diet.  Some have more carbs than others and some have more potassium and protein than others but the good thing is that you can pick and choose which meals fit your restrictions.  Some folks have higher sodium restrictions than others and some do not.  It makes it were you know what you are doing and can tailor it to your needs.  Also, the variety seems to follow a beef, chicken, turkey, fish and vegetarian meal every week.  Lot’s of choices.  The other thing is the meal portions can be used for other meals if you do not have a large family or if you do not eat all the meal.  Save it for lunch the next day or dinner tomorrow. I found almost all the meals I made to be very tasty and I am pretty picky.

4.1.1I found that the base limitations for the renal diabetic plan from Renal Diet HQ does appear to be with in the standards for nationally recognized limits in the US.  As with all dieting and medical concerns your limits may vary a bit from these standards based on your doctors orders.  Please always consult with your physician as to what you are doing and decisions you make.

If you have diabetes and pre-dialysis kidney disease then this plan might be right for you.  I think that the price is correct for all the information I have gotten and I have not located a more comprehensive plan as of yet.  Oh, also, this is plan is done by Mathea Ford RD/LD and she does offer a one time 8 week plan that is not a monthly membership.  So, if you are apprehensive about joining the monthly plan you might try the one time purchase, it is at the time of writing $47.

Find the link here for Renal Diet HQ –Renal Diabetic Diet Meal Planner

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Renal Diet Reviews-A Synopsis Of A Great Meal Planner!

Renal Diet Reviews

renal diet

Predialysis Diet Meal Plan

This particular post is not about one single product it is more of a list or renal diet review of what a renal diet for predialysis should include.  I have found after reviewing several predialysis diet meal plan that each plan has certain things and attributes that all predialysis patients need to have or avoid.    The only one that completely covers all the areas and gets 5 stars from me is Renal Diet HQ.

Renal Diet

The areas of renal diets that I feel are needed are the following: plan of some sort for the day and week, breakfast, lunch and dinner plans/patterns, meal recipes with side dishes and then some type of grocery list or way to get to a list.  It is considered a bonus to get educational materials and gets and extra star if lists of foods for each diet are also provided.  Each plan I review or try has to able to be printed easy and can not be difficult to read.  Price ranges are from $20 to $125 per month, I found that my 5 star plan is only $19.97 per month probably because they have several hundred thousand members and it keeps the cost down.  The Secrets plan is purchased one time but it is unclear what you really get so many are very hesitant to buy the plan even though it gets 3 stars from me.
When selecting a plan in the United States look for a reputable site and some one in the US who is licensed or has some credentials if some sort that are regulated.  If you find some thing offshore please be very cautious about who you give your information to.

For my 5 star predialysis diet meal plan click through here!

Predialysis Diet Meal Planner

predialysis dietKidney Dieters Need to Follow a Meal Planner That Consists of The Appropriate Diet for Their Condition-Predialysis Diet

Not all renal diets are the same! The diets are pre-dialysis, renal diabetic and dialysis.  Each of these conditions has its own set of limitations and expectations.  I often find that people just search for renal diet thinking that they are getting the right thing for them and they have no idea it does not match what they really need.  I find that most patients at this stage of the search are in pre-dialysis and have not been educated by their doctor or physician on what to do about the condition and nutrition.  Most dialysis patients have received education over the years and have a sense of what is going on with their condition.  A predialysis diet is needed along with education on what will make the patient feel better.

Predialysis Diet

Currently a diet meal plan for predialysis does exist written by Mathea Ford.  Her Renal Diet HQ site also offers an IQ series for predialysis that is formatted into modules that number 1-12!  The meal plans have patterns and recipes along with grocery lists.  Each predialysis diet has low and high potassium an phosphorus lists.  Each IQ series module is formatted for reading in terms that can be understood by just about any patient.  The topics are many and include eating out and lab terminology just to name a few.  A predialysis diet is a good starting point for any patient.

If you think a predialysis diet meal plan would be a good fit for you then please give Mathea’s plan a shot!

It will make you feel better and possibly avoid dialysis!  That is what we want, right?

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan – Build A Meal Pattern For Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disease

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan – Build A Meal Pattern For Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disease is authored by Mathea Ford RD/LD.

This book allows you the ability to download an excel worksheet from Mathea’s website and use it to calculate your own predialysis meal plan based on the foods you like and the limitations you have been given by your doctor.  The book has extensive information on predialysis diets and foods but does not include recipes but it does not claim to have recipes.  Mathea did author a recipe book but we will get to that in a later review.

B009PSN3R0A short review of kidney disease is included along with information on high blood pressure and how is affects kidney functions.  Also included is education on reading nutrition labels, reducing sodium in your diet and also ways to reduce protein intake.  I also found that the sections of the book on potassium and phosphorus were very helpful to me in planning my grocery list each week and also in educating me on the ways these items affect kidney function.  The potassium section does have a discussion on leaching of veggies, which I liked as well.

At the end of the book there is a bit of information on heart disease and reducing fat intakes in your diet.  We all sure could use that!  I found that eating out with renal failure was a challenge and found that the chapter on eating out with renal disease was a great starter for me and my family.

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan:

You can tell, is a top seller and is a great resource for any pre-dialysis renal disease sufferer.  The price tag is in the $20 range and I have found this is comparable for all the books in the kidney disease category whether it be general information, cures or diet and nutrition.

What we all need to remember is that kidney disease is a serious complication and that taking advice from someone on the internet in another country can be dangerous.  This author is in the United States and is a Registered Dietitian.  In addition, from all I can find she is very well qualified and has complete meal planning services on her website, which is mentioned in the book.

Shown here are both the Kindle Version and the Print Version both available on the Amazon website.

My recommendation would be to try this book out and give the spreadsheet and the calculations a shot, follow it for a few months and see how your numbers improve and see if you feel better.  If you do then you know this book and plan are for you.  Tell your doctor all that you are doing and tell him or her if this book has lead you in the right direction.

EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale w/ Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. Capacity

The EatSmart Precision Pro with Extra Large LCD display is one of the most economical and best selling scales on the market today.  The easy to read display has been found to be much more user friendly than most of it’s competition.  This scale is great for any renal or diabetes patient who is looking for ease of use and just overall all workability.  The scale has Max weight 11lbs and displays ounces/lbs/grams/kgs; Graduation .05 oz / 1 gram.  It also includes Includes FREE EatSmart Calorie Factors guide.  I found this useful only in certain situations and that my recipes were good at giving me my weights and measurements.  I use Renal Diet HQ meal plans for all my meals.    I found it really helpful for all my proteins as most of them are based on weight or on a “deck of cards”.

The EatSmart scale is in the mid $20 range and works well for use every day and seems to be very durable based on the use I have given mine over the last several months.  If you are looking for a scale on a budget and are concerned about being able to read the display then this scale is probably right up your alley.

The Kidney Friendly Diet Cookbook: Recipes For A PreDialysis Kidney Disease Lifestyle

The Kidney Friendly Diet Cookbook: Recipes For A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Disease Lifestyle

Welcome, to my first review of a cookbook for renal diets.   This particular cookbook is specifically targeted at predialysis kidney disease patients and should be followed accordingly.  The book is easy to read and is color coded by type of food.  The large print format is very readable for eyes that are not so good. The author does provide some color photos of the foods but not every recipes has a photo, I do not find that to be a very big deal, at least for me.


 Qualified For Renal Diets

The one thing that I can say after all my research is the the author appears to be very qualified and has a website on renal diets.  As a registered dietitian, she seems to have experience with renal disease patients and also diabetes patients and many times these two conditions run together.

Now, let’s get to the recipes.  As I have prepared several of the recipes they are very easy to understand and prepare. I do like that all the nutritionals are available for every recipe and that this allows each particular user the option to pick and choose the recipes that are right for them.  Potassium and phosphorus are clearly stated as well as all the other essential nutritionals as per the normal guidelines for renal diets.

I find that cookbooks in this category a bit higher priced than certain other categories but the information is much more detailed and well worth the price.  Many predialysis patients would spend many tireless hours searching for this many recipes so, I say it is well worth the money.

Please find the cookbook for renal diets here if you wish to give it a try, I think you will like it.